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Pricing Summary Effective September 1, 2015

Inspections Pricing

HOME inspection: Real Estate Home Inspection

Usually ordered by the buyer
$250.00 to $600.00

Priced according to the size of the home.
Full service real estate inspection according the ASHI Standards of home inspection.

Includes a fully documented Inspection Report.
Pre-Listing Home Inspection$125.00 to $250.00

Priced according to the size of the home.
The inspector informs the owner of items likely to come up in a buyer's home inspection. This lower cost inspection is intended to supplement the seller's knowledge of the home (condition of appliances etc.) and is not intended to be a full service inspection.
Pre-Settlement New Home Inspection$125.00 to $250.00

Priced according to the size of the home.
Inspection performed prior to installation of the interior dry walls. This allows the home inspector to see first hand the plumbing, electrical, and other items as the home is being constructed and before these items are hidden from view.
Home Check-Up Service$155.00

This is an inexpensive way to have a trained professional check major systems of your home, helping to identify existing problems and potential conditions that could lead to costly repairs.
Home Warranty Inspection$150.00 to $375.00

Make sure you have a Professional Inspector look at your home before your new home warranty expires. The inspector will examine your home’s structure, mechanical and electrical systems to identify defects and other problems before they become your problems. Most new homes come with a standard one year warranty against building materials and workmanship.
Termite/Wood PestsInspect for termites, beetles, bees, and ants.$85.00

Testing Services Pricing

Radon TestingDual Charcoal Canisters$100.00 This is a common two day real estate test. Advantage of the test is lower cost. A disadvantage is the canisters are vulnerable to tampering.
Radon TestingUsing the sun Nuclear Model 1028 Continuous Radon Detector$125.00 Hourly readings over the two day testing period. More tamper resistant.
Indoor Air AssessmentUsing electronic testing devices.$75.00Measures Carbon Monoxide, Combustible gases, and Humidity (Mold Spores not included.
Water Testing Basic level test$100.00 $75.00 if ordered with a Home Inspection.

Includes PH, Nitrates, Total dissolved solids, and Hardness.
Water Testing -Add OnBacteria Add $25.00
Water Testing -Add OnLead Add $25.00Generally applies to pre 1991 homes
Water Testing -Add OnArsenic Add $25.00
Water Testing -Add ONRadonAdd $25.00Typically ordered if the radon air level is high.

Mold Assessment Pricing

Mold Area-Flat RateThis is a visual inspection of a defined area or single room of a dwelling.$220.00

$100.00 if ordered with a Home Inspection.
A mold inspection may reveal the need for additional testing and that samples of air and surfaces be taken.
Mold Entire-Dwelling Flat Rate.A visual inspection of the entire dwelling.$320.00

$155.00 if ordered with a Home Inspection.
A mold inspection may reveal the need for additional testing and that samples of air and surfaces be taken.
Each Air and Surface Sample
(if required)

Three samples are typically required in an area.$90.00 per air or surface sample. Typically one outdoor air sample, one indoor air sample, and one surface sample are taken.

Swimming Pool Inspection

VisualA "General-Visual” Pool Inspection. $100.00

$75.00 if ordered with a Home Inspection.
The purpose of this inspection is to provide a cursory visual examination of the readily-accessible components of the pool and/or spa and evaluate their operational characteristics and report material visible deficiencies that may require further investigation by licensed and certified pool contractors or specialists. No specialized, intrusive or destructive techniques will be employed for the purposes of this inspection.

Septic Inspection

Septic Inspection Septic Waste System$95 to $400.00

Lower price if ordered with a Home Inspection.
A qualified septic inspector will be looking at components of the system both inside and especially outside the home.

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