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Why Choose Us?

We are experienced and competent professionals. We have a "knowing" that can only come from knowledge and experience. We guarantee your satisfaction. We are committed to offering the finest inspection and testing services in the Greater Delaware Valley. Our goal is that our service delivery exceeds your expectations. We are here to help you.

We offer flexible scheduling and will strive to meet your scheduling needs.

Our Home Inspection Reports are comprehensive, easy to understand and include a complete set of pictures related to the inspection findings. The inspection report is normally available 24 hours after the inspection

We offer a wide range of inspection services at fair and reasonable prices.. We are here to help you. While we are not going to tell you we are the best inspectors in the Delaware Valley ( that is for you to decide), we can say with confidence that we rank among the best.

Important - Consider the following before you choose a home inspector.

In home inspections it is all about the inspector and the inspector's "wisdom". Wisdom comes from application of knowledge and actual experience.It is this combination that gives the Professional Inspector an "understanding" and the ability to go beyond what is seen. While a home inspection is marketed as a "visual inspection", tthe Professional Inspector goes beyond what is seen. It is having this "understanding" or a "gut feel" that separates the Professional Inspector from other home inspectors. This "knowing" and "wisdom" is a defining characteristic of a Professional Inspector.

A home inspector may suggest that they are qualified because they have performed a certain number of home inspections. Does this provide the skills and insight needed to evaluate new situations or problems? Professional Inspectors have a "knowing" about things and are effective problem solvers.

Ask your inspector if he/she ever renovated a kitchen or bath. Ask the inspector if he/she ever framed a house or put on a new roof with the appropriate flashings. Ask your inspector if he/she ever added a sub-panel or wired a home. Ask your inspector if he/she ever installed and charged a heat pump or air conditioner. It is one thing to read about a furnace and how it works, and another thing to actually repair or replace a furnace. We have the actual experience necessary to provide professional services. One learns how to swim by "jumping in the water". We swim in the water.

Optional - About The Lead Inspector

Extensive experience in all the major components of the home. In-depth knowledge of the electrical, mechanical, and structural aspects of the home. Background in project management, quality, and quality assurance

Certifications and Memberships

PA Radon Certification Identification #2997

Certified Lead Renovator Initial Training Course (Per 40 CFR Part 745.225. Certificate Number R-I-22510-13-00071

PA Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator- Certification #709741 -Wood Destroying Pests, Household health pests.

AHIT Certified Home Inspector

NAHI Associate member

PA Home Contractor License HIC #036024


Masters Electrical Engineering – Villanova University

Masters in Business Administration – LaSalle University

Bachelor of Science in Electronic Physics – LaSalle University

American Home Inspectors Institute comprehensive home inspection course.

Comprehensive Radon Course - Environmental Solutions Association

Fungi and Mold Assessment Course - Environmental Solutions Association

Wood Destroying Pests - Purdue University

Professional Skills

Electrical Engineer

Electronic Design, Digital and Analog Engineering


Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)

Disaster Recovery Planning

Project Management

Carpentry & Home Improvemnt

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning


Amateur Radio, Call W3CJX

Automobile repair - All components

Home appliance repair - All types.

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